The OA Advantage

Easy to get started

You can register for a membership and start receiving all of the benefits of OA in a few short minutes.

Easy to understand

All of our trade signals and commentary are composed with the individual investor in mind. Although we recommend that you never stop educating yourself in regards to trading, our system is extremely simple to understand.

Outstanding support

We’re only a click away for answers to your questions. We’re here to serve you, and welcome your questions.

Trade as much or as little as you like

Whether you have a lot of money or a modest amount of money, all OptionAlarm members receive the same timely alerts.

You can profit in any type of market

Bull market, bear market or still market you can make money. With OptionAlarm and our Proprietary Indicators, you can potentially make money in all market conditions.

Effortless trading

We recommend how and when to open and close your trades.

An emphasis on quality

We feature only high-quality trades. Quality, not quantity, keeps commission costs low. The trade has to make sense.

Research leads to profits

We continually monitor the status of our Proprietary Indicators so you can spend your time doing what you like to do the most.

Limited number of subscribers

We have limited the number of subscribers that will be admitted to OptionAlarm. Once OptionAlarm fills, it will not be available to new members. You are joining an exclusive trading group.